Additional Party Rentals

Additional Party Rentals with booking an event

(DJ responsible to setup & tear down all equipment rented)

  • Video Projector & 4ft wide free standing Screen: $100
  • L.E.D. Lighting Effects Package: $30 each (up to 8 consoles available) Placement of L.E.D. Wall Spot Lights Set at the desired color, placed evenly through out the room to add flare.
  • Eclipse Laser & L.E.D. Effects:  This is a Favorite! $30 each (up to 2 consoles available) One Console consists of A Red & or Green Lasers making a celine look like the galaxy of stars or trees to look like fire fly’s in the air (speed is variable). Also included with this package is A Blue L.E.D. Wash making it look like moving clouds on a wall.
  • Intense Blue Party Laser $50 (great with fog) Moves to the music.
  • Intense Green/Purple/Yellow/Red Party Laser $50 (great with fog) Moves to the music
  • Fog Machine: $20 (up to 2 consoles available) Shows off the lights the best!  (Must have a separate wall outlet on a different circuit breaker)

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