Sample Wedding Planning Form

Here is a Sample Wedding Planning Form that GP Productions has made for our Brides & Grooms. This is the form that we will go over in meeting & we will send you by email after confirming with us for your event. We are here for you!

The Ceremony

Prelude Songs (durring Guest arrival) Easy Instrumental – O’neal Brothers

Processional Songs (wedding party march)  Forrest Gump Theme – Alan Silvestri

Bridal March Danielle’s Wings – George Fenton/Ever After

Recessional (wedding party march out) L.O.V.E. – Nat King Cole


Wedding Reception

Reception Day & Date_____________________ Location ________________________________
Bride___________________________________ Groom__________________________________
How many guests are you expecting _________ Age Range _________________________
Reception Coordinator’s Name_________________________ Phone______________________

Grand Entrance: We will play an appropriate song, and introduce your wedding party.
Grand Entrance Song_________________________________ Artist________________________
(Black Eyed Peas – I’ve got a feeling) somthing upbeat that you like.

Ring Bearer, Master_______________________ Flower Girl, Miss________________________
Father of the Bride_______________________ Mother of the Bride_________________________
Father of the Groom______________________ Mother of the Groom________________________
Groomsman ________________________________ Bridesmaid______________________________
Groomsman ________________________________ Bridesmaid______________________________
Groomsman ________________________________ Bridesmaid______________________________
Best Man______________________________ Maid / Matron of Honor______________________

Bride and Groom – how would you like to be announced?


Would you have someone to bless the meal, or say something prior to dinner? if so who?_____________________

Style of Dinner:

Buffet / Served

If buffet, would you like for me to dismiss tables:

A: By Song name on Card on table/dissmiss when played (Wedding Party is responsible for making the cards).

B: by story per table over the mic.

C= by # on table.

Music Style durring Dinner: Big band / Easy Top 40 / Jazz / Classical / other
The Toast to the Bride and Groom:
Who will do your toast?____________________________________________________________
When would you like to do your toast?_________________________________________________

Cutting the Cake: Cake cutting will be announced, and the DJ will assist if needed.
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
(The Archies – Sugar, Sugar) Anything would work really.

First Dance for the Bride and Groom:
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
Your choice! Its your song.

Bride / Father Dance: will be introduced and their special song played.
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
(Heartland – I loved Her First / Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses / Tim Mcgraw – My little Girl) Many more out there that have words that flow well with this themed dance)

Groom / Mother Dance: will be introduced and their special song played.
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
(BoysIIMen – Mamma / Backstreet Boys – Greatest Fan) Others out there.

Anneversary Dance: Married Couples will be invited to dance to a song, selected by you
If you have a preferrence. Otherwise I will be happy to select a classic song or two for you.
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
(I usually choose from The classics like Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Sten Tyrel and others)

Money Dance: Would you like to do the Money Dance?
Groom: Yes or No ______________________ Bride: Yes or No _____________________
(DJ will select songs unless otherwise instructed)

Bouquet Toss: We will assemble the single ladies and give a countdown for the Bride.
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
(Cindi Lauper – Girls Just wanna have fun / Beyonce – Single Ladies / Shania Twain – Man, I Feel like a woman / Pat Bennatar – Hit me with your best shot)

Garter Toss: We will assemble the single men and give a countdown for the Groom.
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
(Yellow – Oh Yeah / Queen – Another One Bites the Dust / Def Lepard – Pour some Sugar on me)

*OPEN the DANCE floor !!!!

(add a list of up to 30 songs you would like to hear)
Last Dance: Bride and Groom’s last dance of the night.
Song________________________________________ Artist________________________
(Dirty Dancing – I Had the Time of my Life / Etta James – At Last) your Choice.

To help us narrow down what you like, eliminate unwanted choices below:

Macarena Chicken Dance YMCA Electric Slide Hokey Pokey
Hora La Marcha Cha-Cha Slide Country Line Dances Conga Line


Country Hip – Hop R&B Oldies Classic Rock
House and Club Disco Eighties Today’s Top 40 Big Band / Swing
Modern Rock Jazz Mexican Latin ___________________

Below is a great link to use for choosing songs for Wedding Ceremonies

Below is a great link to use for idea’s for choosing songs throughout the Dance.

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